Introduction To Flights of Stairs

The stairwell is a set of stairs or flights that go between floors to the next floor. It is designed to allow easy and swift access to different floors.

A staircase could be constructed in a horizontal series of open treads that have a space between them (as in the case of a ladder or bridge that is foot-over) or in enclosed steps that have an upper and lower face that sits within the treads also known by the term "riser. The part that is enclosed or the building that contains the stairs is referred to as an escalator.

The staircase is an essential part of any building that gives access to the various levels and roofs of the structure. It consists of a flight of steps as well as one or more landing slabs, which are located between the floors.

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What is Considered a Flight of Stairs?

The staircase is a series of steps between two floors or both landings. It is also called a stairwell, staircase, stairway, or staircase.

A flight can be described as a sequence of steps that run between the landing and floor, or between the landing and floor. A flight must have at least 3 risers, and not over 15 risers otherwise, it could be dangerous, particularly for the old or infirm.

Stairs could be described as the steps which are properly designed to connect different floors in a structure. It can also be described as a set of risers, treads stringers, newel posts, stringers handrails, balusters, and handrails that are designed and built to allow quick and easy access to various floors.

It should be designed to carry loads similar to the ones used in the design of the floors. Stairs can be made from bricks, timber or Stone, Steel or reinforced Cement Concrete.

Types Of Stairs

These are the most popular kinds of stairs.

1. Straight Staircase

Straight staircases consist of the straight staircase, or sometimes two separate staircases linked by the landing halfway up.

It is generally affordable. But it also has its drawbacks in that it occupies more space of the home or the room. The majority of the stairs types create an invisible barrier between floors in your home. Straight stairs don't offer this level of privacy.

2. Half-Turn Or U-Shaped Staircase

A half-turn staircase, also known as a U-shape is a variation from the half-turn stairs. The Half-turn staircase consists of two straight flights that have two 90deg turns. The steps of this type of staircase rotate 180deg from the bottom to the top. It is also known as the switchback Staircase.

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3. Quarter-Turn Or L-Shaped Staircase

A quarter-turn staircase comprises two straight staircases joined with an angle of 90deg. The steps rotate at 90 degrees. L-shaped stairs are more visually attractive. The landing could be the opportunity to rest and relax while climbing.

4. Spiral Staircase

A spiral staircase a type of stairwell that is open (hollow newel) with treads that go around the circular shaft or pillar. Spiral staircases are also called corkscrews, helical or Spiral staircase is also referred to as screw or helical, corkscrew or cockle stairs.

The tread of the spiral staircase is generally smaller than other kinds of stairs. This is why it is used in areas with limited space. However, it also has drawbacks in that it cannot be able to support furniture movements due to its narrower dimensions.

5. Helical Staircase

The helical staircase is a type of stairs where the treads spin at their base, forming elliptical or circular forms or polygonal. The treads on the helical staircase do not placed on the top of the pillar.

In terms of the design of this stairway the majority of them require custom designs. Helical stairs are mostly similar to spiral staircases. Additionally, it has space-saving benefits due to its smaller passageway and treads that are narrower and is therefore not very efficient in moving furniture up and down the stairway.

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